The Institution offers corporate individual and organizational membership

  1. Member (MICEIT): This grade of membership is open to the persons who are engaged in using and promoting ICT and have requisite qualifications as determined by the Institution. Bachelor’s/Master’s degree holders in any ICT related discipline such as BCA, MCA, B.Tech., BBA, MBA, B.Sc. (Computers, IT), M.Sc. (Computers, Electronics, IT), Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Sciences (including life sciences and medicine), Humanities and Social sciences, etc. are eligible.
  2. Senior Member (SMICEIT): Members of five year standing are eligible for this grade by transfer. Persons with sufficient demonstrated experience in ICT or related areas can be inducted directly too.
  3. Fellow (FICEIT): These are elected by the Board of Governors (BOG) and Fellows of the Institution from amongst Senior Members on the recommendation of the Fellowship and Membership Committee.
  4. Associate (AICEIT): This grade of membership is open to students who are pursuing full or part-time Bachelor’s/ Postgraduate/ Doctoral programmes in ICT and related areas. Associates will not have voting rights.
  5. Organizational Member: Any Institution or any organization which subscribes to and is interested in furtherance of the objectives of this Institution (ICEIT) is eligible for the membership. Educational and Research Institutions are offered reduction in the subscription.
Corporate members can interact and participate at local, regional, national and international levels through professional activities of chapters and centres. They are entitled to receive ICEIT publications at reduced rates. They have opportunity to participate in various ICEIT conferences and share their knowledge and experience. Organizational members can establish their local professional chapters and students’ chapters for motivating young professionals and sharing experiences of established professionals. They can disseminate information about their products and services in ICEIT publications.
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